Mobile Height Adjustable Shields

Radshield’s Mobile Height Adjustable Stands with Solid Lead Shields are ideal for patient and/or practitioner protection during diagnostic or image – amplification procedures, cath lab use and general protection. These Mobile Height Adjustable Shields move on a stable base with castors for stability and ease of rolling unit from one location to another. Height adjustable from 70cm to 162cm.

Available in:
.35mmPb, .50mmPb or 1.0mmPb.

Sizes Available:
Small: 65cm Wide x 76cm Long
Medium: 65cm Wide x 99cm Long
Large: 65cm Wide x 122cm Long

Larger and Custom Made sizes available upon request.



Curved Mobile Height Adjustable Trolley

Radshield’s curved mobile height adjustable trolley, complete with .50mmpb lead shield. Height adjustment by means of springs and positioning pins. Complete with 4 castors (2 of which are lockable).

Available in:

Size Available:
Minimum Height of Shield: 108cm
Maximum Height of Shield: 138cm
Opening Width: 55cm
Opening Depth: 53cm