Table Drapes

Radshield’s Table Drapes, which protect staff against scatter radiation to their lower extremities, can be manufactured to fit securely to any style of table. Select either a single-sided drape, or double the protection with double-sided drapes. When ordering, please specify the width and length you require.

Available in:
.25mmPb, .35mmPb, .50mmPb or 1.0mmPb.

Standard Sizes:
T6.1 91cm Wide x 61cm Long
T6.2 91cm Wide x 71cm Long
T6.3 91cm Wide x 91cm Long
T6.4 122cm Wide x 61cm Long
T6.5 122cm Wide x 71cm Long
T6.6 122cm Wide x 91cm Long

Note: Any size and/or shape can be manufactured upon request.